Walk into your local grocery store and take a minute to stand in the produce section and take a look around.  Now contemplate where that food comes from? Most of it probably came from California, Mexico, and Central America.  Now head over to the Deli/Butcher/Meat section.  Where and how was that cow, pig or chicken raised, what was it fed and how was it slaughtered?  Were the facilities clean and humane? 

A vegetable’s nutrient density drops to below 20% of it’s living value just three days after it’s harvested.  Livestock pumped full of antibiotics and hormones are proven to be less happy, healthy, and ultimately less flavorful than an animal raised naturally in a pasture. 

Why do we transport our food from far corners of the world, further depending on fossil fuels and losing out on precious nutrients when fresh, organic produce can be grown on small-scale farms within our communities? Supporting local farms not only keeps the food fresh and seasonal, it also keeps your dollars circulating within your local economy. 

We have amazing news!  There are better choices!  The production of organic food close to your home is on the rise.  In some regions of the U.S., organic food sales make up 30% of total grocery sales. Even better, the creation of small farms is on the rise as the consumer searches for delicious, healthy, sustainable, locally grown food.  Our Roaring Fork Valley community is on the leading edge of this local food revolution.

It is here, in the Roaring Fork Valley of Western Colorado, that HOW WE GROW tells the story of ambitious young farmers building community around locally grown food.  A story about how these young farmers garnish the support of mentors, legislators, educational programs, micro-finance organizations and their community in an attempt to bring their villages better food choices.  The system is working here and there is a deeper message still.  HOW WE GROW is the story of Millennials who have recognized a problem within our Global Food System and rather than complaining or soapboxing about the problem, they are getting back to the land, going to work and putting their hand in the dirt to solve that problem.  HOW WE GROW is a story about the next generation of American farmers effecting change.

The core idea driving this film is a desire to take back our power to choose where our food comes from and how it is grown. This is a coming-of-age story of a community of farmers, ranchers, chefs and educators in Western Colorado actively building their local food economy for everyone to enjoy. Their goals are to improve the soil, make local farms completely sustainable, and produce high quality, nutritious food for their community. They are driven by the Permaculture principles of care for the land, care for the people, and sharing the surplus.

We believe this film will inspire other communities to empower a new generation of farmers, who like our characters, envision a sustainable future built on solving problems, not creating them. HOW WE GROW is our call-to-action, to recruit beginning farmers to join the local food revolution.

How We Grow LLC. has a very unique connection to the story it tells.  We the filmmakers, Haley Thompson and Tomas Zuccareno are active members of the very community where HOW WE GROW takes place.  We are personally connected to the characters in this film and our passion for their mission drive our story telling.  

In September2016 HOW WE GROW was the recipient of the Inaugural Redford Center Grant.  One of six films chosen from 282 applicants from 26 countries in addition our hard work thus far has committed the musical talents of Lukas Nelson (son of Willie Nelson).  HOW WE GROW is poised to effect real change.  This is a food documentary for the next generation.

Haley and Tomas